Multiple managers with diverse investment styles, competitive track records and decades of experience manage your money

Meet The Managers

The Azzad Team of Institutional Money Managers

Would you attend a college where only one professor taught you multiple subjects, ranging from engineering to sociology to medicine? So, why would you entrust your money to one manager?

Manager selection and ongoing manager evaluation plays a critical role in our Ethical Wrap Program. We spend a lot of our resources on identifying institutional managers. These are managers we believe will have the greatest potential to drive our portfolios’ long-term performance by generating excess returns, subject to our halal investment philosophy.

Our multi-manager selection process strives to identify top talent:

  • We perform an in-depth assessment of a firm’s investment team including its expertise, resources and background;
  • Managers must demonstrate a commitment to delivering competitive performance within our halal investment restrictions;
  • We continue to conduct ongoing, rigorous due diligence on our managers to ensure their investment process continues to be a promising fit for our program;
  • Our investment committee meets regularly to assess a manager’s performance, review their portfolio and discuss their overall contribution to our program;
  • Managers are replaced if quantitative results no longer meet our qualitative expectations.

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