Child identity theft

Does your toddler have a credit card?

They shouldn’t. But a new report shows that children are a more lucrative target for identity thieves than adults. On average, fraudsters are able to steal $2,303 by exploiting the identity of a minor, which is more than twice the average amount for adult victims. That’s according to a new repor...
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Are you paying fees on top of fees?

Would you be willing to give up 40% per year in investment return? While most people would balk at the thought of losing that much money, they may be doing so unknowingly if they’re paying both advisor fees and mutual fund fees. A no-frills investment advisor would likely charge around 1% per year...
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Stocks vs. real estate

A lot of folks contact us asking about buying real estate. “They’re not making any more of it. And it’s a hard asset,” they say. When we’re asked this question, we try to explain the advantages of owning stocks instead of or in addition to real estate. One way we do this is explaining how...
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