How to start—and stick to—a budget

Deciding to make a budget is an important step in taking control of your finances. The next step is figuring out how to make a budget that’s right for you. These four steps can help you create a budget that you can stick to. 1) Figure out how much you’re currently spending Without knowing this [...
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Azzad commends Chevron’s work on Myanmar

Activist investors withdraw human rights shareholder resolution following ‘constructive dialogue’ Falls Church, Virginia, April 11, 2019 — A coalition of socially responsible investors led by Azzad Asset Management announced today that it has withdrawn a shareholder resolution filed with Che...
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Stocks versus real estate

A lot of people contact us asking about buying real estate. “It’s a hard asset and they’re not making any more of it,” they say. When we’re asked this question, we try to explain the advantages of owning stocks instead of or in addition to real estate. One way we do this is explaining how ...
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