Azzad’s updated proxy voting guidelines

proxy voting

Azzad engages in shareholder advocacy on behalf of our clients including proxy voting and filing resolutions and sending investor letters.

Corporations have a role to play in some of the most significant challenges in the United States – from income inequality to climate change. In pursuing a fiduciary responsibility to shareholders, they can become detached from their duties as corporate citizens.

We believe that is our duty to encourage these corporations to act more responsibly in those instances where they fall short. The proxy voting process is part of this effort. We view the right to vote proxies for our clients as a responsibility to help ensure that the conditions that allowed companies to thrive in the first place continue to do so–for the benefit of shareholders and stakeholders for generations to come.

Last month, our board of directors voted to update our proxy voting guidelines. We’re proud to announce this enhancement to our clients and shareholders.

Azzad’s commitment to socially responsible investing remains as strong as ever. We vote proxies related to securities held by any client in a manner solely in the interest of the client and consistent with our investment philosophy. Our proxy voting guidelines focus on the following three issues we believe help enhance long-term financial results while supporting broader goals:

•  Promoting human rights and economic development
•  Ensuring responsible executive compensation and corporate accountability
•  Responding to environmental challenges

Shareholder resolutions may appear along with the company’s proposed changes on its proxy ballot, which all shareholders have a right to vote on. Mutual fund companies vote proxies on behalf of their clients. If you’re concerned about ethical issues with investing, it’s a good idea to find out how your mutual fund company votes. You can find Azzad’s proxy voting guidelines here. These guidelines summarize our positions on various issues of concern to ethical investors.

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