Individual Retirement Accounts

Whether you’re just getting started, already retired, or somewhere in between, Azzad can help you build a plan to fit your needs. We make retirement planning easy.

Learn about investing for retirement

Before you get started, we invite you to learn about investing for retirement, including the impact of time on your investments, the difference between saving in a taxable versus a tax-deferred account, and annual contribution limits for different kinds of retirement accounts.

Understand your investment options

You can open a traditional IRA or a Roth IRA with Azzad, or roll over an existing retirement account (such as one with a previous employer) into an Azzad account. [We also offer retirement plans for businesses of all sizes.]

Which investments you choose to fund your IRA or 401(k) will determine how your retirement dollars grow. We can help you build a well-diversified account based on your risk tolerance, age, and goals.

When you have a solid plan, you can feel confident about enjoying your golden years with peace and security. If you are nearing retirement or have already retired, we can help you develop investment strategies and withdrawal programs that will potentially help make your money last longer.

With Azzad, you can be confident that your retirement savings account will invest in companies you can respect. We ensure each of our portfolios are in line with your ethical investment philosophy.

Stay on track with regular contributions

A successful plan uses regular, consistent investing to take advantage of market declines and help your long-term goals remain secure.

Setting up your account for electronic funds transfer (EFT) is an easy way to invest regularly. Just tell us how much money you would like deducted from your bank account and how often, and your money will be automatically invested in your account.

Another benefit of electronic funds transfer is the opportunity to take advantage of dollar-cost averaging. Dollar-cost averaging means investing the same amount of money on a regular basis, so that you automatically buy more shares of a security when the share price is low and fewer shares when the price is high. Over time, this strategy can lower your average price per share. Although it cannot guarantee a profit, dollar-cost averaging may help reduce your risk and potentially increase your long-term returns over time. It can’t protect you from a loss, especially in a declining market, but this strategy works best for long-term goals such as saving for retirement or a child’s college education.

For personal help in planning for your retirement, call Azzad at 888-862-9923.

Azzad Asset Management does not provide tax or legal advice.