Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility welcomes Azzad to winter conference

NEW YORK, Feb. 3, 2016 — Azzad Asset Management, investment advisor to the Azzad Funds, joined representatives from Christian, Jewish, and other faith traditions this week for the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility’s (ICCR) Winter Conference. Organized by ICCR to discuss shareholder advocacy efforts in the coming year, the event was held at the Interchurch Center on Riverside Drive in Manhattan.

An Azzad representative was asked to deliver opening remarks during an interfaith reception on Tuesday, along with Christian and Jewish speakers. Those remarks focused on the subject of renewal, a theme selected by organizers to highlight the contribution of new participants in the ICCR mission of social justice. As a new member organization, Azzad is one of those groups charged with renewing and reinvigorating the movement for corporate social and environmental accountability.

The session began with a poem celebrating nature, rebirth, and growth, read by Sister Judy Byron of the Northwest Coalition for Responsible Investment. Atid Kimmelman, a representative of the Tri-State Coalition for Responsible Investment, explained the emphasis on renewal in the Jewish tradition, citing the holiday of Tu’Bshevat, which focuses on the new year and growth. Azzad representative Joshua Brockwell concluded the reflections with a meditation on renewal from a Muslim perspective.

Brockwell reminded the gathering that the Almighty has made renewal part of His Divine Plan in this world, from the changing of the seasons to the alternation of night and day to divine revelation, which has been renewed and restored throughout history with a line of historical patriarchs, teachers, and prophets recognized by the world’s religions. He encouraged everyone present to renew their intention to help those most in need of ICCR’s work and to resolve to follow the Islamic exhortation to make each day better than last.

In April 2015, ICCR announced that Azzad had become the organization’s first Muslim member company. Azzad is a staunch advocate of a socially responsible, halal investment strategy and regularly educates American Muslims about the importance of shareholder advocacy and proxy voting as an expression of Islamic investing, which calls for the responsible allocation of capital and promotion of the common good.

Azzad Asset Management, investment advisor to the Azzad Funds and sponsor of the Azzad Ethical Wrap Program, is committed to providing investment services designed to help people enjoy optimum performance without compromising their values. Azzad is a member of the Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment and the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions. The firm, based outside Washington, D.C., is a registered investment advisor with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

ICCR is the pioneer coalition of active shareholders who view the management of their investments as a catalyst for change. Its 300 member organizations with over $100 billion in AUM have an enduring record of corporate engagement that has demonstrated influence on policies promoting justice and sustainability in the world. ICCR members, including Azzad, engage hundreds of multinational corporations annually to promote more sustainable and just practices because they believe that in doing so they will secure a better future for their employees, their customers and their shareholders.

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