Too much of a good thing is a good thing. Why eight portfolio managers are better than one.  

Are you concerned about the risks associated with keeping all your money in one place? We hope this will help put you at ease.

Azzad asset classes and portfolio managers

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. This simple piece of commonsense wisdom has helped generations of people minimize their chances of losing everything. The idea of not concentrating all your resources in one thing or one place is a sound one.

That advice can be just as valuable when it comes to investing. Rather than putting all of your assets into a single stock or a handful of stocks, it’s far more prudent to spread the risk around by investing in a variety of stocks in different asset classes. That’s called diversification, and in some instances it can mean the difference between reaching your financial goals or still struggling to achieve them.

But what about the people managing your money? Depending on a single money manager can be a risky proposition, too. Would you attend a college where only one professor taught every subject, from engineering to journalism to medicine? Probably not. So why would you entrust your money to just one portfolio manager?

Azzad has selected a team of experienced institutional money managers to manage our mutual funds and investment portfolios. Selecting money managers and evaluating their ongoing performance is a critical part of what we do. We choose managers we believe will have the greatest potential to drive our portfolios’ long-term performance by generating excess returns, in accordance with our investment philosophy.

We’ve worked hard to make Azzad a one-stop shop for your money management needs. We hire managers who specialize in different asset classes, from large-company stocks to small, and almost everything in between. This multi-manager approach taps the expertise of eight firms, giving you the benefit of their combined experience and minimizing dependence on a single money manager.

Investment consolidation and diversification may sound like a contradiction, but for Azzad clients, we have crafted a way for you to place your accounts together under one roof and likely improve diversification.

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