Educational Zakah Seminars

Would you like to host an educational zakah seminar at your mosque or other institution to teach interested people how to properly calculate their zakah?

Most Muslims have a basic understanding of zakah, and in our experience, most are anxious to properly fulfill this Islamic obligation. However, they may not know which assets are subject to zakah and how to correctly calculate it. With modern assets such as rental properties, real estate, different kinds of retirement accounts, company stock options, and education savings accounts, it takes a little more knowledge to determine how much zakah you owe.

Azzad offers educational zakah seminars to help American Muslims learn how to calculate zakah on modern assets. We encourage you to invite an expert from Azzad to teach a seminar on how to calculate zakah on modern financial assets according to the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI). The purpose of these seminar is purely educational — we don’t talk about or promote Azzad at such events.


The seminar is presented by a certified Shariah advisor and auditor, a credential from AAOIFI. At the end of the seminar he can answer questions from attendees to help solidify their understanding and address unusual situations.

Helping your congregation understand their zakah obligations can help increase the amount they donate to mosque zakah programs. Imam Mohamed Magid of ADAMS Center in Virginia told us that what the masjid collected in zakah money increased by 60% after Azzad’s zakah seminar. (Mentioned here with permission).

The workshop answers these questions and more:

  • Who should pay zakah?
  • What are the conditions that make zakah due?
  • What is the nisab and what is the hawl?
  • On what kinds of assets is zakah due? Cash? Retirement accounts? Real estate?
  • On what kinds of assets is zakah not due?
  • What if I have debt? What if someone owes me money?
  • Is zakah calculated the same on different kinds of investments?
  • Who is eligible to receive zakah?

The presentation ends with an interactive live quiz to help attendees solidify their understanding of zakah in different practical situations.

You can watch our May 2017 webinar version of the zakah workshop to see the full content (the webinar version is a little different than an in-person workshop would be):

Promoting the seminar

We can work with your institution to promote the event in a way that your board is comfortable with. Here is a sample flyer that we can customize for your event.

Sample zakah seminar flyer

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Please contact us or call 703-207-7005 for more information or if you’d like to explore scheduling a seminar.

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