Ziegler Capital Management, Inc.

Ziegler manages Azzad’s large-cap growth model and subadvises the Azzad Ethical Fund

Portfolio Manager

Christian J. Greiner, CFA, has been an active partner with the Azzad portfolio management team for over 10 years. Christian joined Ziegler in 2003 as an Equity Analyst. Currently, he is a Portfolio Manager who provides fundamental research across all sectors and participates in the decision making process for stock selection. He has a substantial role in the quantitative research effort, contributing to the stock scoring model research. He has been responsible for developing a system that aggregates investment community sentiment towards individual stocks, and in the past has worked on quantitative tax-effective investment strategies, as well as long-short and other specialized strategies for the firm. Christian holds a B.S. in Finance from DePaul University, as well as an M.B.A from the University of Chicago. Christian earned the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, and is a member of the CFA Society of Chicago. Prior to joining the firm, he held positions with Checkfree Investment Services and Northern Trust.

Investment Approach

Ziegler Capital Management, LLC is a registered investment adviser based in Chicago and provides investment solutions for institutions, mutual funds, municipalities, pension plans, Taft Hartley plans, and individual investors. Ziegler Capital Management managed $11.9 billion as of 9/30/18.

Ziegler’s collaborative team manages the large-cap growth model and serves as the subadviser to the Azzad Ethical Fund (Ticker: ADJEX). Investments are chosen from a universe of stocks passing Azzad’s ethical screens. Ziegler evaluates companies by combining a proprietary quantitative model that scores stocks with a fundamental evaluation that confirms the attractiveness of the top scoring stocks. This multi-factor model uses cash flow analysis to identify stocks that are trading at or below their fair market value. The process is based on a belief that inflation adjusted returns and cash flow analysis provide the most accurate measure of a company’s value.

The essence of the investment strategy is to invest in quality companies that share several attributes that the portfolio managers believe should result in capital appreciation over time: sustainable competitive advantages, promising fundamentals that allow for significant earnings growth, skilled management teams and solid financials including low debt.

Azzad makes no assurance that the manner in which Ziegler manages its assets in the Large Cap Growth model or the Azzad Ethical Fund is the same as or entirely consistent with the manner in which it manages any of its other Funds or accounts. Large and Mid cap investing involves risks including loss of principal. CFA is a trademark owned by CFA Institute. Please request and read the Azzad Ethical Fund’s prospectus before sending any money. Like all mutual funds, you may lose money investing in the Fund and there are fees, expenses and other important information you should understand before investing. To request a free copy of the Fund’s prospectus, please call 888.862.9923 or download it here. The Azzad Funds are self-distributed, Azzad Asset Management serves as their investment advisor.